Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass: “Fiend Club Lounge”


Expanded Edition featuring All-New Bonus Tracks

A Lounge-Core Tribute to the Legendary Horror-Punks!

Available for the first time ever on vinyl!

Also available in Expanded CD Digipak.


"Fiend Club Lounge features frankly piss-funny lounge-lizard reworkings of Misfits classics...
Evil has never sounded so damn kitsch. Find it.
" - Kerrang!

"Ahh, this is genius...a really cool, fun CD and a definite must for hardcore Misfits fans." - Razorcake

"This album is absolute genius...ridiculously funny." - Slugmag

"Truly beyond type-able description, FIEND CLUB LOUNGE is simply... well absolutely,
seam-splitting, pants-pizzilingly HYSTERICAL!
" 4 Stars. - Horrorwood Babble on

"after popping 'Fiend Club Lounge' into the ol' disc player in my car, I came within 5 feet of hitting a tree—a must have. If there is a Misfits fiend in your life, these lounge lizard interpretations will bring joy and uncontrollable laughter to their life. SO wrong, it's right. ---the Fiend Club Lounge is open for business, baby, so throw on your red smoking jackets and fez caps! If you are a Misfits fan, AND disturbing things make you smile, behold your Holy Grail." Rated in terms of twisted hilarity: 94 points. - Antimusic.com

"sly, clever, and laugh-out-loud funny...there's no denying it's a hoot." - Blabbermouth

"tongue and cheek fun...sounds like something Goldie Hawn would have danced to on Laugh-In...an outstanding job of interpreting the Misfits music in an unconventional style. If you enter the lounge with an open mind and a fondness for the Misfits, you're sure to have a good time.” 4 out of 5 Stars. -Rock-is-life

"you need this most amazing cover CD by the Nutley Brass. This is a fun CD to listen to, one of those guilty pleasures that you just cannot let go of...this was honestly a great idea. If you have an open mind and a sense of humor check this out." 9/10 - Metal-Exiles

"The collection reinterprets the Misfits as kitsch for the cocktail lounge, suggesting 1960s instrumental classics like Herb Alpert's Whipped Cream & Other Delights or anything from gonzo bandleader Esquivel. Hilarious and entertaining." - All Music Guide

"a collection of Misfits tracks performed so innocently that I wouldn't be surprised to hear them over the PA at my local department store...clearly a novelty performance; it has no pretensions about supplanting the Misfits, but for fans, it's a fun, and dare I say it -- 'cute' look at the Misfits." 3 out of 3 stars. - Punk News dot org

"First you heard about RICHARD CHEESE, then you heard about PAUL ANKA, but before these guys, there was THE NUTLEY BRASS. Brass is exactly what it takes, to take classic era MISFITS songs and render them into lounge music, brass balls, that is...true fans of musicianship will absolutely love and appreciate the talent and creativity that it took to make a CD like this happen. I am a long time Misfits fan...it absolutely did not disappoint me."
5 Stars - Foundry Music

"a kick...I'm floored. If you even take a dare to step over a musical line you’ll love this." 3 Stars - Hammerhead Zine

"Misfits have never been tweaked so uniquely by anyone...this album gave me chills. The sinister undertones put it on my list of the most original tribute albums of all time. If you're walking the line between our reality and the dark dimension, I recommend this record ... if for no other reason than to freak out your friends!" 3 & a half stars - Garage Radio

Track List

  1. Last Caress
  2. Astro Zombies
  3. Where Eagles Dare
  4. Some Kinda Hate
  5. Hybrid Moments
  6. Hatebreeders
  7. Teenagers from Mars
  8. Attitude
  9. Angelfuck
  10. Skulls
  11. Die, Die My Darling
  12. Bonus Tracks:

  13. I Turned into a Martian
  14. Halloween
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